Happy Clutter-Less ChristMAS


Every year we all struggle with what gift we can get ______ (you fill in the blank; because we all have asked ourselves this question).  Most of us receive those gifts that we don’t like, don’t want, or just can’t use. Those unwanted gifts then end up creating clutter in our homes because we feel guilty about letting them go- so we just keep piling them up.  This year let’s think outside the “gift” box and give gifts that do not create clutter or guilt in our friend’s and families’ homes and lives.  Let’s give Clutter-Free Gifts!  When I say clutter-free, let me explain what I mean. To be “clutter-free,” a gift must meet at least one of the following:

  • A gift that isn’t physical
  • A consumable gift – it goes away eventually
  • A gift that fills a need
  • A gift that will be loved (if you love it; it’s not clutter)

Here are some Clutter-Free Gift Ideas to start those creative wheels turning.

  • Passes – (Annual or single visit) A whole family gift! And they can use it when they can. If it has an expiration date be sure to let them know.
    • Zoo
    • Museum
    • Art galleries
    • Theme parks
    • Escape rooms
  • A lesson or class the person (or couple, or family) will enjoy – think about the person’s interests and treat them to lessons or classes they’ll enjoy. 
    • Yoga classes
    • Arts and crafts classes
    • Golf lessons
    • Fees to join a sports team
    • A session with a personal trainer, cross-fit training sessions, etc.
    • Cooking classes
    • After school activities such as dance, swimming, music, etc.  This might help a family with little time and tight wallets.
    • Online classes – Do not forget that there are many online classes and even sites like SkillShare where they can choose their own classes.
  • Tickets – think about the person’s interests and what they enjoy. Look around your local area or the local area of your recipient for ideas.
    • Concert
    • Sporting event
    • Local Theater plays
    • Train rides
    • River cruises
    • Art Galleries
    • Tickets to online events they may enjoy


Gifts that give the person an experience make a great gift!  People will always remember how you make them feel; which is an experience.  Think about the person, couple, or family and choose something they would enjoy.


Consumable Gift Ideas

Consumable gifts make great clutter-free gift ideas.

  • Coffee, tea, wine, beer, etc. – look for a certain brand or type that the person enjoys or loves, or buy them a fancy brand they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to.
  • Chocolates, nuts, jerky, treats, etc. – again buy a certain brand or type that the person loves, or splurge on a special treat that they likely don’t buy for themselves.
  • Restaurant or coffee shop gift card – choose a place the person enjoys so that you can treat them to a meal or a few specialty coffee shop drinks.
  • Massage: Give the gift of massage.
  • Manicure/Pedicure: I think this one is kinda specific. So, make sure you’re giving this to someone who would actually use it. 
  • A movie night in a box – give a digital movie or movie rental certificate, along with snacks and treats to enjoy during the movie. You can even include a gift card to order pizza to enjoy during the movie.
  • A game night in a box – put together a box including a game to play, along with snacks, drinks, and treats to enjoy during the game night.
  • Wine/Beer/Soda: If you have a connoisseur on your list, this is a great option. Try to go with something local to your area because that’s an even nicer treat and supports fellow small businesses. Cheerwine anyone?
  • Spa night in a box – put together an at-home spa package including everything the person would need to pamper themselves at home with a few spa treatments.


Subscriptions are great clutter-free gift ideas because it’s something the person can enjoy throughout the year. There is a subscription for just about any interest.

  • iTunes or Other Musical Gift Cards: The person can download their own music and whatnot. Because music is a very personal thing.
  • Online shows channels (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc)
  • Audiobooks
  • Software subscriptions
  • Little Passports (for kids)
  • Wine Clubs
  • Foodie Boxes
  • Monthly Flowers

A Gift that they’ll love

  • Photo yearbook – putting together a photo book with photos from the year is often a gift people enjoy.
  • Gifting a useful service – which is another practical gift idea most people will appreciate. Think about ways that you can make a person’s life easier. Some examples include babysitting, housekeeping services, having their car detailed, yard service, a professional personal organizer, etc.
  • The Gift of Organization – Giving the gift of organization can be an awesome way to help someone simplify their life so they can live it and enjoy it.  You can contact us at https://justfixthismess.com/contact/  or you find one in your local area at https://pro.napo.net/.

Clutter-free gift ideas will help you simplify the holiday season and avoid adding clutter to people’s homes. I hope this list will help make your holiday shopping a little easier!

What are your favorite clutter-free gift ideas? Leave a comment below to let me know. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! I’m sure you all have some great ideas for clutter-Less ChristMAS gifts!