Founded By Sherry D. Wynn, Just Fix this Mess Inc organizes lives and assists individuals and businesses to successfully manage their everyday operations and lifestyles.

Our team is a valuable asset to individuals, seniors, families, and small businesses. We help organize and manage the important details in life. Whether on paper or digitally, We can organize and develop systems to manage the areas of your life that can get overwhelming.

We understand how busy life can be, however, we also understand how important successful daily money management, schedule prioritization, and organization of important documents such as tax information,  insurance policies, wills, and personal records are. 

You can trust us when it comes to:

  • Personal and Business Organization.
  • Daily Money Management, Bill Review, and Analysis, Financial Organization.
  • Assistance with Life Necessities like Health/Auto/Home Insurance Policies, Wills, and End of Life Preparations.
  • Digital Organization of documents, photos, and important memories. 
  • Professional and Personal Schedule Organization for you and/ or the entire family.
  • Developing a management system that works for both your personal and your professional life.

To discuss how Just Fix This Mess can benefit you, your business, or a loved one, schedule a consultation with a professional organizer and daily money manager today.