Daily Money Management  and Personal Bill Paying Services

Tracking your finances and paying your monthly bills can be whelming, especially when you are a young professional, an active parent in a busy family, or an older retired individual. More often we find that older clients are worried about missing payments, keeping track of the bills to pay, or finding it difficult to balance their checkbooks. We often find that our clients that are busy parents or young professionals find themselves struggling to balance their finances while trying to balance their personal and professional lives. We offer a professional bill-paying service that alleviates that burden while reducing late fees, and overdraft fees, and helping to mitigate unnecessary overspending. Our Personal Bill Paying Services will balance your checking account each month and make sure that your bills are paid on time and accurately. 

Our Personal Bill Paying Services include:

  • Enter and pay your bills.
  • Prepare checks for your or your legal representative to sign.
  • Bank account(s) and credit card(s) account(s) reconciliation.
  • Getting you simple, custom reports on bill payment activity such as expense reports and account reconciliations.
  • Check for overcharges, errors, and signals of fraud.
  • Consultation on charges, fees, or other confusing portions of invoices.
  • Insure reimbursements are being made by your healthcare insurance provider.

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Personal Financial Organizing Services 

Keeping up with bills, financial statements, and all the records our lives generate can be stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming.  Just Fix This Mess®, Inc., Your Organizing & Daily Money Management Firm works beside busy professionals, clients with disabilities, seniors, their families, and caregivers to assist in reducing the stress found in their daily life while improving not only our clients’ overall financial stability but also their quality of life.

Your Organizer & Daily Money Manager will provide assistance with:

  • Sorting through financial documents
  • Financial documentation organization & Management
  • Account reconciliation
  • Tax documentation organization
  • Scam and fraud identification and prevention
  • Coordinate between you and your Trusted Advisors’ (Agent, executor, and financial)

Our services complement the work of your Trusted Advisors – Such as your legal team, tax preparation firm, and financial advising professionals. Our company offers both onsite and virtual support based on the needs of our clients such as weekly, monthly, or even just when the client needs a little extra assistance. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed or anxious about managing your finances. Just fix your mess with us.

Digital Organizing

Protect and preserve your personal digital assets.

The continued evolution of technology now brings the desire and also the demand for digital organization. Our daily use of computers, tablets, and smartphones accumulate large amounts of digital information, documents, and files that can quickly get lost or misplaced on devices, servers, or in clouds. In a world full of instant access and gratification do not allow your access to the digital items that matter the most to lag. The digital equipment we use in our daily lives requires software to operate. Software systems are constructed by many components that can fail under certain circumstances such as ransomware or bad application updates. We must also remember that natural disasters such as floods, fires, and even something as common as a fall from our bags onto the ground can damage or destroy equipment. These occurrences are all examples of when you may lose your important data if it isn’t properly organized and stored in an easily accessible place.   Leveraging the on-demand, real-time opportunity of the cloud for storage of your documents is simple and non- time-consuming when you work with Just Fix This Mess Inc. Our team can help digitize and organize your files and documents into a safe place that allows you to access them quickly, safely and with ease.

Financial and Tax Documentation Organizing

  • Organization of Tax Documents
  • CPA / Tax Office Collaboration

We utilize proven methods to professionally organize your personal documentation for your Certified Public Accountants (CPA)  or Tax office to complete your taxes easily. Your Professional Organizer can assist you in filling out the organizer provided by your accountant while also working with your accountant to make sure that your taxes are prepared properly and punctually.  Your Professional Organizer will help you collect and organize the records to get you caught up on bookkeeping.

Paper Organizing

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the average American receives 49,060 pieces of mail in their lifetime and much of it is “junk” mail. At the same time, the Small Business Administration reports that 80% of the papers we file, we never refer to again. Paper clutter can take many forms – from bills and receipts piling up to junk mail.

Together our team can help you declutter and organize the stacks of paper in order for you to find what you need when you need it. We will set up personalized filing systems to maintain and organize future incoming paper documents.