So why should we be your first choice for professional organizing services and life management?

Just Fix This Mess®, Inc. offers trained and skilled professional organizers and daily money managers. A professionally trained organizer is able to identify the sources or reasons behind the disorganization, clutter – the mess.  The professional organizer can then develop customized solutions to help the client incorporate a system into their daily lives which works for them and their specific needs.  Our organizers are also trained in specific areas of organizing, which allows us to offer assistance to unique client situations.

There is a psychology behind disorganization and clutter along with the methods used in gaining control of the clutter.  Discovering the different reasons behind a client’s disorganization or clutter allows the professional organizer to identify and develop systems to ensure it will be successful for you. Just Fix this Mess®, Inc.. Team members receive training provided by industry associations and other continued education resources which prepare our organizers for the many challenges that an untrained organizer may not be able to successfully navigate.

Your Professional Organizer is trained in personal organization and daily money management surpassing industry standards, Insured, and undergoes an extensive background check. We pride ourselves on confidentiality, safety, and security. 

Road sign that says: Choose your path - chaos or order

Let’s Discuss Your Organizing Needs!

We are a small business that allows us to connect with our clients on a more personal and intimate level. We strive to offer quality services and shape our services based on a client’s needs. 

If you would like to learn more about organizing your life or business and the types of organizing services we offer, please reach out for a consultation today.