Just Fix This Mess®, Inc.’s philosophy is simple. We work with clients to develop organizing solutions and management systems that work personally for them and their lifestyles.

Research has proven that organizing and staying organized is a learned set of skills and there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to getting organized. For many, getting organized is a process that involves lifestyle changes, and forming new habits; and it is more of a journey rather than about the destination. More importantly, both personal and professional organization does not mean perfection; it is less about how things look and more about the compatibility of how things work for you and your life.

Let’s Discuss Your Organizing Needs!

Clients are often embarrassed and uncomfortable about welcoming a professional organizer into their space for the first time. It is important for our clients to know that they are in a safe space; a judgment-free zone wrapped in confidentiality and compassion where they can trust the organizer to listen carefully, ask specific questions, and get to the core of the clutter so they are able to transition into the life that they aspire to lead. We accomplish this through the concept of organizing according to their personality type.  This approach guides their personal organizer to help design an organizing plan where clients can accomplish their daily tasks and establish functional systems that not only support but sustain the individual, family, and/or business growth.