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What in the heck happened with Facebook & Instagram?


 That is a question everyone is asking and only a few know the actual answer to it. 

Social media platforms are privately owned by big tech companies. We do not own these platforms and have no control over the existence of them so NEVER build your entire business on one platform.

A few years back, a client’s social media account was compromised by a hacker and she lost everything on Facebook. She lost her business pages, a private business group with thousands of members that generated several hundred thousand dollars in revenue, she lost years of time, effort, and money.  She had spent many hours building those digital assets and audiences. Which is an instant she lost and was never able to recover. 

Fortunately, now she doesn’t solely depend on a single social media platform for her entire business.

Unfortunately, however, there will still be many companies and entrepreneurs who will lose an unimaginable amount of business revenue along with their business’s digital assets. 

So, what is YOUR plan going forward?

There are things you can do right now to protect your business and its assets.

  • Build your database. Names, numbers, and emails are currency.
  • Get active on other platforms.
  • Learn how to build a business both online and offline.
  • Back up your digital assets.

Did that sound a little overwhelming? 

Our team can help you organize and backup your digital data offering protection from future online interruptions.  Schedule a professionally trained personal business organizer today. 

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