Office workers writing


Office workers writing

I am a small business owner just like you and in my business I get asked this question a lot; what is a system and why do small businesses need them?  So I thought I’d write this blog post to help explain what a system is and why you, as a business owner, need them; even if you are a solopreneur working out of a home office. 

There are many misconceptions about what a “system” is.  Basically, a system is an action or group of actions that you consistently take to accomplish a task or project. 

If you do a specific task routinely in your business and you “do” the same actions each time to accomplish that task or project….that is a system. 

Failing to set up proper systems only creates a mess you have to dig out from later. 

As a small business owner, you need to identify systems that keep all areas of your company organized and working together for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

As a small business owner, you wear many hats; especially during startup; and usually during the first couple of years of your company.  That means that routine tasks of the back-office can bog you down and take away from the core business; what you started your business doing

You either spend too much time and energy trying to create back-office systems that aren’t effective or, worse, ignore them altogether and then have to spend more money to have someone come in and fix the mess; or, pay major fines; and can even have to close the doors; permanently!

As a smart business owner, you know you don’t have to do everything yourself, but can rely on outside experts to help in areas that aren’t your strong point.  Bringing in someone to evaluate the operations of the office and business; create custom systemized processes which will free you up to focus on building your business.  

I am the founder and owner of Just Fix This Mess, Inc. and have been doing this type of work for over 20 years.  I started a business in order to help small businesses and entrepreneurs setup solid business foundations so they can grow their businesses.  Helping to optimize their organizational structure and create systems for better efficiency and higher profits. 

As a professional organizer, I have seen too many other entrepreneurs and small businesses have to spend a huge amount of their revenue to dig out from the mess which was created due to lack of systems in the back-office processes; or worse, help them liquidate and close their doors.  My mission this year is to help startups and small business owners (no matter how long they have been in business) set up solid foundations so their businesses can grow and succeed! Let’s Talk!!  Call me at (863) 260-0479 or send me an email at and let’s meet for coffee and see how I can help you.