Notes from your Organizer

Notes from Your Organizer

Notes from your Organizer
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Hello friends; I thought I would share some of my personal organizing and productivity messes and how I learned to fix them.

I am the proud mother of a 27 year old son, Chris.  I am also a happy wife to a wonderful man, Ray.  Sounds dreamy right? Well it wasn’t always this way. 
While raising Chris I not only found out he was challenged with ADHD and had anxiety disorder, I found out I too was challenged by these.  During the discovery time; which took years…..LOL, and a lot of trial and errors….mostly errors.  But they say we usually learn the best lessons from our errors and recovering from them.  Here are some of the lessons I learned which also has aided me in helping others.

One of my challenges was that I always got into the mess of not having a clear mind when I had many projects going at the same time. 
How I learned to fix that mess was I created a habit of “Live by your schedule - however, be flexible”.  I tried many calendaring systems over the years and as my life changed, so did my systems.  I tried one until I found the one that worked for me. 

Here is my fix: Learn how to build time in your schedule for switching projects.  Allow your mind to let go of the last project and direct it toward the next.  I can hear some of you saying “get real, I don’t have time to stop in between projects!”  How do I know you are saying that? Because I too, said the same thing!!  It doesn’t take much time; maybe just take a few minutes and get something to drink.  I get a drink and write in my notebook.  I have a notebook with me most of my time. I write my notes from that project, my to-do-list, etc.  It helps me lay that project down and start another one.  Then read over your to-do-list and notes for the next project.  Sounds like a lot right? But it doesn’t have to be, this can take just a few minutes. When we are building habits it “seems” to take a long time, however, once you are in the habit of doing this; it will only takes a few minutes.  

Try this and let me know what worked for you. Your can share on Facebook at or you can send me an email at

Now go get geared up for your next task/project and be productive.

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We can change our worlds; one step at a time.

‘Til next month,
Sherry D. Norris